Our company RECOMPONENTS repair TVs of all brands. Please request budget online.
Pick up at home. Service only in Majorca.

Telephone service hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., except holidays.



Service available for zone 1, 2 and 3, zone 4 there is no home pick-up service.


  • The pick-up and delivery service is carried out during business hours of company RECOMPONENTES.
  • The television must have been disassembled from the wall bracket, in the case that you live in a block of flats you will have to deliver the television on the landing of your home to the carrier.
  • If you want us to disassemble the television from the wall bracket, you will have to indicate it in the description of the form and pay the corresponding fee.
  • Once the television is delivered to the carrier, the carrier will give you a receipt confirming the collection of the television.
    The amount of the collection will be paid before the collection through the payment systems available on our WEB.
  • When the television has been repaired cheese delivered to the same address where the collection was made.


1. Make the repair request.
2. Make the payment for the transport service.
3. The RECOMPONENTS collection service will agree with you the time and day to carry out the collection.
4. When the television is in our technical service, we will make a repair budget, once accepted by you we will proceed with the repair.


About our technical service

Is it the official service?

We are an independent Technical Service specialized in Television, Robot Vacuum Cleaners and Electronic Equipment, we have been working as a technical service for more than 25 years. All the parts we use are original.

How does our technical service work?

Our repair center is in Mallorca. When the television is in our technical service, we will make a repair budget, once accepted we will carry out the repair. After having tested your television, we will send it to the same pick-up address.

What brand do we repair?

Our technical service repairs most brands on the market: SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, XIAOMI, PHILIPS, TD SYSTEMS, JVC, and others

What is included in the repair budget?

The budget includes the valuation of the repair, the shipment and return of the television.

Why is it more expensive to transport a large television?

To carry out the collection and delivery of a television of more than 43 inches, two people are needed to transport it.

Warranty period?

The repair warranty is three months, in the event that there is a problem during the guarantee period, the shipping costs will be paid by our company.
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